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ALOHA & WELCOME to Kaneohe AYSO Region 113


Safety Comes First
For more information on Safety topics go to the AYSO site:  
AYSO Safety

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Kaneohe Region 113 Games
Mahalo for your assistance in keeping our players safe

  • Check your child’s temperature and keep him/her home if 100.4 or greater
  • Arrive at your child’s game venue no earlier than 30 minutes prior to game
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others you don’t live with
  • Wear face covering while watching games
  • Have your child wear face covering when arriving/leaving, or sitting in technical area
  • Children need not wear face covering while playing
  • Sit at least 4 yards behind sideline Official and Technical Area
  • Players not in game shall sit with parents and use face covering
  • Ensure your child has his/her own ball, shin guards, water and bag
  • Have your child leave their water and bag with you during event
  • During water breaks, have your child’s water and hand sanitizer ready
  • Leave game venue directly after event, avoid congregating
  • Come to the field if not feeling well (parent/child)
  • Arrive over 30 minutes prior to your child’s game
  • Drop off child and leave – check in with Coach
  • Set up tents, (use umbrella instead for social distancing)
  • Allow your child(ren) to play on playground equipment before, during, or after event
  • Enter field of play or technical area during game
  • Give any food or beverage to anyone who you don’t live with (NO SNACKS/Ref Water)
  • Stay at field after your child’s game

Goal Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reported 26 deaths and hundreds of injuries since 1979 resulting from soccer goal accidents. Most of these injuries occur when children climb on top of an unsecured goal, causing it to either break from the strain (in the case of many homemade goals) or simply flip over onto an unsuspecting victim. You only need to review some of the descriptions of injuries and deaths addressed in the CPSC report to become saddened by this easily-preventable problem. For more information on goal safety, click on the link below.

AYSO Goal Safety

Soccer Accident Insurance
AYSO purchases Soccer Accident Insurance ("SAI"), which pays excess medical costs up to $50,000 maximum per accident to an insured person for accidental bodily injuries incurred as a direct result of participation in a covered activity subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Eligibility for benefits is 52 weeks from the policy effective date or the date of a covered accident. 

Download the SAI Brochure for more detailed explanation of the plan.   SAI Brochure    Accident Medical Expense Benefits are only payable:
  • for usual and customary charges incurred after the deductible has been met;
  • for those medically necessary covered expenses that the covered person receives;
  • first medical expense must be incurred within 90 days of covered accident;
  • all claims must be filed within 90 days;
  • each claim is subject to a $1000 Deductible, 20% Co-Insurance; and
  • social security numbers, visa or green card are REQUIRED on SAI claim.
Claims will require:
  • Copies of primary Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Copies of itemized insurance billing forms - UB04 or CMS1500
  • No Primary Insurance: If there is no other insurance available to the registered member, the medical benefit will be processed on a primary basis subject to Usual and Customary rates, and the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

MAXIMUM BENEFITS PAYABLE: (subject to policy terms, conditions & limits)
$50,000 maximum excess medical costs
$15,000 for Accidental Death & Dismemberment
$10,000 for Dental Benefit
$10,000 for Orthopedic Benefit
$1,000 Physical Therapy; $100 per day up to 10 days
All AYSO currently registered* members (players, coaches, referees and other volunteers) are "Covered Persons" for accidental bodily injury while participating in the following covered activities:

Team practice sessions, scheduled games, tournaments, or other sponsored activities (meetings, banquets, fundraisers) provided they are under the direct supervision of an AYSO registered volunteer.

Group travel of five or more participants directly, without interruption to or from such practice sessions, games, tournaments, or sponsored activities, provided that players are traveling as a team and a licensed adult driver operates the vehicle.
*Registration requirements will be verified before any benefits are paid.

Click on the following to view document:

Forms found on under the Safety section
Weather Safety
Regional officials, including the Regional Commissioner, Regional Safety Director, Age-group Coordinators and others involved with games and practice sessions within the Region will be aware of the possibility of lightning in the area. When thunder is heard, lightning is assumed to be within striking distance. The referee or other official will immediately suspend the game or practice session and all persons should seek shelter immediately. Activities may resume only when the Regional Commissioner, the Regional Safety Director or designated agent gives the all-clear. In most cases, activities may be resumed when lightning or thunder has not been observed for thirty minutes. Refer to the AYSO Severe Weather Play National Policies and Associated Guidelines for more information.

Areas considered safe
  • inside a fully enclosed metal vehicle with windows up
  • Inside a substantial building (roof and four walls)
Unsafe Areas
  • Small buildings including picnic shelters and the open area of a concession stand
  • Anywhere near metallic objects like flagpoles, soccer goals, metal bleachers, electric equipment
  • Open fields, trees and water
  • Open area without shelter
  • Avoid standing in groups
  • Spread out to reduce risk
  • Crouch on your feet, keep your head low
  • Avoid being the tallest object
  • Avoid lying on the ground
  • If a strike occurs to an individual  Call 911.
  • If you are qualified to do so, apply First Aid or CPR immediately.
  • People struck by lightning do not carry an electrical charge and are safe to touch.
Restarting after the All-Clear
  • Games which have completed the first half will be considered finished and the score at the time play was suspended shall be the final score.
  • Games which have completed less than one half; the referee will resume by starting the second half,reducing the remaining time if necessary so that the match ends at the scheduled time.
  • Games that cannot start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time may be rescheduled

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